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List of Galleries

This page contains a list of all the available 'photo' galleries on the site. Each link leads to a selection of thumbnails which can be clicked to view the full size image.

Pressure Point      (Populous Original)

Two Crabs      (Populous Original)

Test Level      (Test level series)

Craters      (Populous Original)

Want to make your own images? To get a screenshot from a populous game, just press Alt-C and the screenshot will be saved as an image file in the populous\shots folder.

For a more sophisticated image, you need a terrain generator. You can pay a lot of money for these, but it can be done for free. Here's a text file giving you all the details.

When you've made some cool pics, send them to me together with some notes on how you made them, in the following exact format (please copy and paste it to your email program) and I'll put them up on the site.

Level    :
Series   :
File     :
Size     :
Source   :
Title    :
Notes    :
Software :
Level : The level number (if you know it), and the name.
Series : For instance, oil worlds, Undiscovered Worlds.
File : The image file name.
Size  : The image file size in KB.
Source : Your name or Populous tag.
Title  : What the picture is called.
Notes : Anything you want to put. It could be a lyrical description, or an account of how you made the picture, or (for a screenshot) how you got there.
Software : What software you used to make the image.

Here is a worked example:
Level    : 2017 (Pressure Point)
Series   : Populous standard
File     : pressure_point2.jpg
Size     : 25
Source   : |)eath
Title    : This Sceptered Isle
Notes    : Another cool photo from |)eath.  This one
         : has his logo at the bottom left
Software : 3D Studio Max

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