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A whole page on trees? What can you say about trees? Well, not that much, but it can make the difference between winning and losing on many maps, so listen up.

We all know that we need trees to provide wood in order to build. A fully grown tree provides 4 bundles of wood, and buildings and vehicles require the following amounts of wood for construction:

Wood required
Minor hut repair1
Major hut repair2
Standard Hut
Hut upgrade**
Guard tower
Boat house
Warrior hut
Firewarrior hut
Spy hut
Balloon hut
(Information from Populous Official Strategy Guide)

There are several things to note here:

On some worlds there are only a small number of trees, and even on maps where there are plenty, you can lose significant building time if your followers have to trek for miles to get to the trees. It therefore pays to manage your wood supply carefully. In order to do this, you need to know how trees grow in Populous. I have done some experiments and can shed some light on this. As I said before, a fully-grown tree can provide up to 4 bundles of wood. Each time a bundle is removed, it shrinks, until the last bundle where it disappears completely. Being a tree, it can regrow to replace the wood removed, and it takes the following amount of time to regrow 1 bundle: That's right - it takes 5 times as long to get a wood bundle from a fully cut tree compared to a partially cut one. I have also discovered that, when a tree is fully cut, it always regrows in exactly the same spot (i.e. it's not random). The only exception is if you build on a tree, in which case it will grow alongside the building, as close as it can get to the original position. In other words, there are a set number of 'tree sites' on each map, and the number and position are conserved through the game. I have heard it said that, the more you cut a tree, the slower it grows back. I tested it by repeatedly taking three wood bundles from a tree and timing the growback, and in each case the time was the same, so that appears to be untrue. Finally, it is worth knowing that your braves will always pick up a spare bundle of wood rather than cutting a tree, as long as the bundle and the tree are reasonably close together.

From this, it follows that you should avoid fully cutting trees, or building on them, especially on sites where they are in short supply, such as Craters. Here's what I suggest as a general building strategy, which would obviously need to be adjusted according to the map.:

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