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CD Player's Site
Hints, Tips, Strategy and FAQs for playing Populous III online


Other sources of Help

  • RTFM (Read the .. um .. manual) When you bought the game (you did buy it, didn't you?) you got several pieces of paper packed with useful information:
    • The manual (Or what passes for one these days. 12 pages - 8 if you take out the covers and credits. Call that a manual? In the golden days, they used to be at least 250 pages, including a fair sized novel to boot. And they call that progress.) It has a blue cover, and contains information on the basic game play and interface. If you're having problems, check out the options, and try switching some of them off to reduce the load on your computer.
    • The Keycard (black paper)- All the shortcuts and quick control tips. Learn them by heart if you want to survive!
    • Reference card (white leaflet, 20 pages) - Covers how to set up the different types of online game, and describes the options on the 'Start game' screen. (See also here.) Gives a lot of detail on video problems, video drivers and video cards and a little bit on sound and memory. Full details on how to contact tech support.

      Note that electronic copies of the above are available from the EA site here.
    • Blue screen crashes sheet (red on white paper) - What to do about viruses.
  • Off-line game information. There are several useful files provided with the game:
    • Populous encyclopaedia - Press F1 whilst in a game (NOT online please, it pauses the game) and read more information about all aspects of the game.
    • Tech Support System - Load the CD-ROM into your drive and select 'Tech Support' from the opening menu. This help system contains a lot of trouble shooting advice.
    • CD-ROM Readme File - This is also accessible from the opening menu. Contains a suggestion for solving a Direct 3D problem and some additional keypad shortcuts.
    • Populous Patch ReadMe file - Details all the bugs which are fixed in the patch to version 1.01. By default it is located in C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Populous\ReadMePatch1.01.txt on your computer. Of course, if you haven't patched, you haven't got the file, so you won't know what you're missing!
Broken Sites
These sites just return site not found errors. Sites do sometimes come back from the dead, so I'll leave the links here. If anyone comes across them at a new address, let me know and I'll update them.

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