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Registering with Gamespy

Gamespy has its own proprietary interface program which is installed on your computer, so it is browser-independent. The first stage, then, is to download and install the software. Note that there is a trial and a full version. The full version costs $20 and, from the Gamespy site, you mught get the impression that you have to shell out the readies in order to use all the facilities. Not so! The trial version is fully functional and not time limited. The downside is that there are some banner ads, but most of us can live with those. If they annoy you - hey - you can always pay the 20 bucks!

The first step is to read the helpfile for the download, and make sure that your computer system is up to the task (it's not very demanding). If you want to look before you leap, check out the following help pages:

Basic interface
How to enter a game
How the player matchup works

Once you're happy with all that, go to the download page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link labelled "Download Trial Version 1.08 Now!". That will trigger the automatic download, installation and registration procedure. It works well, but make sure that you have all other programs turned off before you start, especially virus checkers. I am naturally cautious, so I left mine on (Norton Anti Virus), and it worked fine, but I know of others who have had problems.

Once installed, the interface should launch automatically, and you should be able to find the Populous lobby in the nav bar on the left of the screen. Don't forget to insert your Populous CD-Rom in the drive *before* you try to join a game lobby.

The help pages listed above will tell you how to start your own game, and how to join someone elses party. What do you do once the game launches? Well, its the same for all the sites, so have a look here

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