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Populous Reincarnated

Populous Reincarnated is now the main support site for online players of Populous. They are independent of Electronic Arts: it is a site run by fans for fans. You can find them at

The facilities which they offer include:

  • A message board which is actively used where you can swap tactics, ask questions, get technical guidance, meet friends or just fool around.
  • A launcher which will allow you to enter the EA lobbies without using their log-in procedures.
  • A lobby client which replaces the version which came with the game. This project is still under development, but it is non-graphical, with extra lobbies and all sorts of neat features.
  • A picture gallery for pop screenshots, FAQs, etc.
  • New maps, which you can download and play on in multiplayer mode.
  • Populous utilities, including a map previewer and a header editor, for changing level attributes.
The site is continually being updated, so you really have to check it out to see all that is on offer. Note that they are fond of their graphical interface so if you have a slow connection, some pages will take a long time to load (unlike this site, which is built for speed :-)

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