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CD Player's Site
Hints, Tips, Strategy and FAQs for playing Populous III online



When I started playing Populous online, I found it a very steep learning curve, with the official help, strategy and faq pages being at best patchy. I tried asking other on-line players, but they had limited amounts of patience when faced with newbie questions about Populous, as in any other game. Electronic Arts used to answer direct questions about Populous by email (eventually) if you could find the address, but they are no longer interested, as Populous is, for them, an old game, and they have closed their Populous gaming site. And there didn't seem to be many independent sources of Populous information, so what to do? My solution was to start this site. I started by posting the questions which were bothering me, plus the answers I had managed to work out for myself, plus pointers to official help sources. Then I added sections on how to get into online playing, and on the various strategies associated with all the different maps and game components. The site isn't finished, and probably never will be, as there is just so much to this game, but there should be enough to answer most questions.

If you have a question, check out the site to see if it has been answered and if not, mail it to me here. If I can answer it, I'll post the answer on the site as well. If, while you're browsing, you see a question which you can answer (or if you have a better answer than the one I provided), do please email it to me - if we help each other, the standard of play will improve, and we'll all enjoy better games (and fewer pesky newbie questions!).

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