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Clan sites


As of 2011 most of these sites are dead. You can check out the remaining clans (plus new ones) on the Populous Reincarnated Clan page.

A lot of people enjoy being part of an online clan, and it can add to the gaming experience by providing a group of like-minded people to hang out with, who will often be prepared to help with strategy tips and teaching sessions. Each clan has its own character, and most will want to test your playing skills before letting you in. Clan members often put the initials of their clan at the end of their names (eg. KillerSheep_TA) but this can easily be forged, so is not an infallible guide to who's in what. There is often a lot of 'needle' between clans, which can be exorcised through tournament matches, but it can sometimes get a little overheated.

If you are running a clan, send me the contact details and a description and I will post it here. The clans are in alphabetical order so I'm just waiting for someone to start the 'A-Team' to get first place.

Like enthusiast sites, the clan sites seem to come and go with great rapidity, and sometimes they reappear. I will leave the old links here though, in brackets, just for nostalgia.

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