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PopScript NoteTab Editor
Electronic Arts Files
Programming info
New Worlds
Map program
Mini maps
Single player levels
Spell editor

PopScript NoteTab Editor
Now that we've started to get an understanding of the scripts which drive the computer-controlled players in the single-player games, we can start to put together our own scripts. That's hard work with a simple text editor - so many commands to remember. One way round the problem would be to write a new editor from the ground up, and there are people doing that. However, I thought it might be easier to take an existing (free) programmable editor and program it to insert all of the PopScript commands. I chose NoteTab, and I think it has worked quite well. The interface is not XP-wonderful, but there's a lot of functionality there. You can insert any command by clicking on buttons or links and entering basic information in prompted boxes. Indenting is automatic. There's a line counter. And soon we'll be able to compile from within the program (as soon as ALACN has modified his compiler). Check out the instructions, download the Editor files, and see what you think:
Instructions (txt file - 10k)
PopScript Editor libraries v1.10 (zip file - 30k)

Check out the latest version of the scripting help page too (it's also in the zip file):
PopScript Scripting Help Page v1.10

Electronic Arts Files
Even though the EA Populous site is down, and is unlikely ever to be revived, you can still (for now) obtain the support files by ftp. Left-click on the link to run/view the file in situ; right-click and select 'save-as' to save it on your hard disk. Left-click on the folder name for a list of the current contenets. Here is a list of what's available in each of the various ftp folders as at 19 November 2002: Some of these files are also hosted at StrategyPlanet. Details are on the NewWorlds web site Downloads page.

Programming info
Have you ever wondered how Populous works? Know how to use a hex editor, or willing to find out? Yes? Then you will be interested in this zipped tutorial from Evil Warrior, with info on how to tweak the files, and what data is stored where. Download it here (75KB). The files are in Word2000 format. If you don't have that, you can download a free Micro$oft viewer.
New worlds.
The NewWorlds team have found a stable host now at Strategy Planet, so there is no need for me to keep duplicate files here. You can get the New Worlds download packs from here. More details on their website.
Map ripper
If you are interested in the map graphics which accompany the strategy listings, I have put the program up on the site and you can download it from here (34k). It will allow you to generate a two dimensional map of any level as a graphic file - it is not a map editor! It is in the form of a zip file and all the instructions are in the readme file. I wrote it on Turbo Basic, which was released long before computer viruses were invented, and I have virus-checked it, but you should recheck it yourself before running it, as for any downloaded software.
There is also a zip archive of minimaps of *all* the official Populous levels, including all the single player levels and Undiscovered Worlds, in .GIF format here (381k).
Single player levels
Still struggling to finish the single player levels? You can download a saved game here which will give you access to all 25 maps on the original Populous disk. The file is called Savgam01.hdr and is only 5KB. Copy it to your default save directory (normally C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Populous\Save) where it will overwrite the first saved game in your list (rename the existing file if you want to keep it). When you load Populous and select 'Load Game' it will appear at the top of the list as 'Level 24'. If you load it, you will have access to all 25 of the planets in the map selection screen.
Spell editor
TedTycoon is offering a spell editor from his site here which allows you to change the huts and spells available on a map, good for single player maps, or to set the defaults for multiplayer maps. I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds fun.
I wasn't sure where to put these items, as they're not downloads and not cheats and not multiplayer. They're curiosities, I guess.

Hybrid levels
Challengeme3 has worked out a way to swap around the sky and landscape colours in the single player levels. For those used to fighting and dying on Pressure Point (Middle Ground, aka level 17, in single player mode), it seems very strange with a red sky! Here's how you do it:

  1. Open Populous
  2. Open level 17, Middle Ground (Pressure Point)
  3. Press Tab, then F11, and type 'byrne' (without the quotes)
  4. It should say 'cheat enabled'
  5. Now press F11 again
  6. Your level 17 should disappear, and the rolling demo should start
  7. Once you see the demo get to the level 13 (Aerial Bombardment) stage, (you should be in a balloon) press any key
  8. You are now in the rolling demo for that level
  9. Press ESC restart level
  10. You should see level 17 with 13 landscape color
  11. Press ESC and save game (after taking a couple of screenshots :)
  12. Now save it
  13. Load it again
  14. you should see level 17 with 14 landscape color
  15. Every time you repeat steps 12 and 13, it advances to the next landscape colour and sky!

It may seem complicated at first, but its really quite simple. You can also start off with any other level instead of level 17, it will just have that level with the demo level's sky and landscape.

Try level 17 with 21 (Fractured Earth) and 22 (Solo) landscapes and skies. Its also fun to see all the landscape colors with level 1. Once all the levels are done cycling through, after you see level 25 landscape/sky than loading it again will no longer work, but you can then simply start a new hybrid. Levels 17 and 7 (Unseen Enemy, I think) seem to work the best.

Tribe names
Kurtangle found this one:
Ok, if you do a quicksave from a multiplayer game and then (once the game has ended) load it, then quit, then load a saved game or start a new single player game (the loaded game must be a level pick not a in game) and then look at the names of the tribes. You will see the names from the multiplayer game, rather than the normal tribe names.   :)

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